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P2B XL Logo 160 x 72 cm

Category: Pavement signs

Double-sided, waterproof pavement sign P2B XL Logo A/B 160 x 72 cm
(P2B XL Logo)

  • double-sided pavement sign made of wood,
  • finishing: stain + oil
  • outer size: 160 x 72 cm,
  • massive wood frame: 4 cm,
  • ABS blackboard for chalk writing: 136 x 64 cm,
  • weight ca. 6 kg,
  • chain stopper,

The pavement sign can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Sponges and cloths used to wipe down the blackboard should be slightly damp. To avoid damaging the writing surface, do not use gritty and harsh cleaners or sponges and cloths with rough surfaces.

Boards should be left to dry after washing. Writing on a wet blackboard can cause inscriptions to become difficult to remove. Permanent markers should not be used.